Jalandhar Heights

AGI Infra Environmental Initiatives

The Company is committed to environment safety and has taken various necessary and ethical steps to protect the environment. The residential projects are designed and maintained by the Company as per the standards set by the Indian Government for environment safety. The Company is a member of Indian Green Building Council.

In the recent survey and tests conducted at the residential premises, the Company has not only passed the tests but stood out as a residential project with highest ratings for environment.

Download our Test Reports :

Ambient Air

Download - Ambient Air Test Report

Noise Monitoring

Download - Noise Monitoring Test Report

Effluent Water

Download - Effluent Water Test Report

Drinking Water

Download - Drinking Water Test Report

IGBC Membership Certificate

Download - Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Membership Certificate

State level Environment Impact Assessment Authority

Download - Environment Clearance - Jalandhar Heights (Phase-I/ Phase-II)

Download - Environment Clearance - Jalandhar Heights (Phase-III)

AGI Infra Social Initiatives - Our Contribution for a Clean & Green Jalandhar

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